To stay competitive in the insurance business, you need to be visible--and that’s easier said than done!
Here are three powerful trends in 2016 with proven results:

Video Business Cards

These are a must-have marketing tactic to engage new customers. Video is a highly engaging format, making it ideal for introducing your services.
First impressions are the most important. Video maximizes the impact of your introduction.


Don’t let the name fool you--these websites pack a punch! Specifically intended for elevating your team, generating leads, and converting leads into customers, a microsite is the ideal solution for establishing an exclusive space for people to interact with your company, products, or services.
Instead of offering many navigational options like a full website, microsites drive users to one specific purpose or goal.

Mobile Apps

Brokerages not actively pursuing the mobile platform are about to miss the train. The number of people who browse on mobile devices passed desktop users a while ago. At a minimum, assuming your website is already responsive and mobile-optimized, you should offer your own app--and not just a third party app--with marketing strategies that target the mobile audience.

Successful marketers focus on the customer, make decisions based on data, and deliver value. Adapting to the marketplace is crucial to stay ahead of the pack, especially when it comes to technology.