Video marketing is becoming an integral part of any business strategy. Approximately 76% of organizations today depend on YouTube and other similar video content platforms for online marketing. Video production is counted among the most important marketing expenditures. Over 85% of online users today watch videos as their preferred method of getting information.

When adopting video marketing in your organization, you should take a few steps to improve and optimize your video content for the maximum benefit. Firstly, ensure that your videos are short, shareable, and to the point. You can use graphics, text, and other media to make your videos more effective. While text is a welcome addition, it is best to limit it because video is capable of much better options to convey information than just textual content. For example, rather than adding paragraphs of text (which would deter viewers), use illustrations, infographics, or even a voice-over instead to convey the same information more effectively.

When sending out marketing emails to your existing and potential customer base, integrate videos to make your marketing strategy more attractive. People today are more likely to watch videos for information than read pages of written information. At the end of all your videos, add a call to action that encourages your viewers to reach out to you. When you invite your viewers to interact, brainstorm, and contribute, your videos have a much better opportunity to become popular.